”From eternity… out of the past…
in the present… for the future…”

Roberto Assagioli

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Chant Egenian

Dip Psychosynthesis Therapist PsA®
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

We are faced with choices every day. What kind of a person do I want to be? Which way should I take? How you live your life affects not only you, but also the people around you. And in the long run it also affects the world. To be of help I will meet you wherever you are in life right now. We will work with what is bothering your life and together we will unravel the tangle that stirs up trouble. With a bigger consciousness about yourself you’ll be able to reach a self-actualization and reach your full potential in life.


In the process towards change I use methods and techniques from psychosynthesis – such as conversations, visualizations, experience based exercises and family systems dynamics – with a constant presence of both heart and brain. Some subgoals in therapy towards a self-actualization are often a clearer inner will and an understanding of personal conflicts and emotional life.

Read more about psychosynthesis here.

I hold a diploma of Psychosynthesis Therapist (PsA®) and work at Hälsans Hus in the city center of Stockholm (Slussen) or online from wherever you are. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the Psychological Institute at Stockholm University. This combination contributes to a holistic perspective in therapy, where empathy and evidence cooperates.


What to expect

when we meet

There are many reasons to go to therapy and focus on getting on in life - and life is not always easy to live. As a therapist, I meet many kinds of problems. Together we will explore alternative approaches that will make it possible for you to find an inner calm and joy in life.


I use effective psychotherapeutic methods that give a better understanding of yourself, and encourage you to create new attitudes and emotions toward your life. In therapy, I work with thoughts as well as with body and emotions. Some of the exercises we work with can also be brought home so to continue the process by yourself.


The goal with therapy is to get to know yourself as who you really are, to make active choices in order to make life changes possible, and to live in balance and harmony with your true self. In our meetings, you choose to explore the different aspects of your history, the now, or your future desire. Not always in a chronological order, but as they unfold and you feel ready to deepen the work with what may arise.


It is of importance to underline that therapy is not a quick fix or a magic pill you can take. Therapy is a highly individual process that takes time and work. But at the end of the day, it is the small changes in self-sabotaging behaviors, and the ability to handle emotions like sorrow, fear and pain that can lead to life changing results.

Two Dried Leaves


It does not matter if the problems feel big or small; all therapy is individually tailored to meet your needs. In our first appointment, we will also discuss the amount of sessions desired or needed.


Naturally I also offer online therapy on the platform you feel most comfortable with (such as Skype, Zoom or FaceTime among others).

In addition to Psychosynthesis Therapy I also work with Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), coaching and mindfullness.


Cancellation policy

In the event of a cancellation (regardless the cause) please call or text 1 working day (24h) in advance if not previously agreed. Late cancellation or no-show will be charged regardless of the cause.


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